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Why Business Leaders Should Act Like Consultants


There are many out there who would be categorized as a consultant. They are brought in to look at certain situations in a business, to present their findings and offer solutions. They may even be part of the implementation and follow up. The … [Continue reading]

Businesses Beware:The Internet Has Made the World SMALLER, not Bigger

Online Reputation

All of us who are of a certain age have ordered products from the back of the comic books and thought they were the best things ever. Remember the seahorses you could grow, the bulging eyeglasses or even the Charles Atlas ads promising great results? … [Continue reading]

Your Impatience is Killing Your Customers

I saw an interesting graphic on Facebook the other day saying,   “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body is changing 8 weeks for your family to notice 12 weeks for the world to notice Keep focused” What struck me was that I … [Continue reading]

Why Customer Experience is the New Currency for Business

Customer Experience

Over the last few weeks I have gotten great feedback from companies and leaders about my articles and videos on delivering excellence to your customers. While it is always great to get feedback, I felt a little sad and frustrated after some of these … [Continue reading]

Plan for Customer Demand or Else Say Goodbye to Business

Customer Service

Let me set the stage. I was heading back from a vacation in Puerto Rico and I arrived at the US Air terminal to go home. Now this was the day after a big holiday in PR as well as on the tail end of the winter freeze in the US so many flights had been … [Continue reading]

Customer Service Is Not “If Only I Did…”

Customer Service Skills

As I look back over the last few months I have been astonished at the breadth of service companies are delivering both at a high level and at a low level. The gap is widening, but customers’ patience for poor service is waning. Companies that do … [Continue reading]

My Advice to a “Scrooge” Owner When It Came to Accountability

Employee Accountability

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would like to first wish all of my readers a safe and happy holiday season. Thank you for your comments and feedback in regards to not only providing you with articles on topics of interest, but helping me to … [Continue reading]

Businesses: Forget the Past at Your Own Peril

online marketing

It seems like an odd concept, but as we move towards better efficiency with technology and the web, some seem to forget how to run their businesses. It seems as though they are looking for a quick solution to this new age of technology or- even more … [Continue reading]

For Many Another Year of Failure and a Key to Success

business training

I can see it now: In the coming weeks, the Internet will be flooded with “5 Steps to Set Your 2014 in Order,” “Check Your Goals from 2013 to Springboard into 2014,” and a myriad of other titles to grab your eye. But what I want to speak … [Continue reading]

With Google Leading the Charge, Reviews are More Important

reputation copy 2

This is a continuing series of articles on the importance of Reputation Management as well as Marketing for businesses. With the announcement on 11/26/13 from Google that it had redesigned it’s Review Monitoring System for its Places for … [Continue reading]