Why Do You Want to be Part of Management?

Why Do You Want to be Part of Management?

Back from a brief vacation and ready to dive back in. This will be the first of a series of articles discussing leading or managing a team. I have been preparing new management training courses for our PCG Learning Center on this topic and thought I would share some... read more

Band-Aids Don’t Fix Broken Processes

When I was looking to improve my golf game (I could hack my way around the course but it was ugly) my coach asked me what my end goal was. Did I want him to provide a Band-Aid for my game or did I really want to learn how to play golf. I asked him what he meant by... read more

4 Reasons Why Focusing on Competition Kills Business

Too often I hear business leaders bemoan their competition. Their competition is the reason they are losing market share. Their competition is the reason they cannot attract customers. Their competition is this or that and on and on it goes I am here to tell you that... read more

How 10-Year-Old Pitchers Can Help Train Your Team

  My son’s baseball team was having trouble getting the ball over the plate when they pitched. The coach asked me to see if I could help. When I asked the kids what their job was, they said, “To strike out the batters”. I asked them if the coach ever said that.... read more

Three Interview Tips I Wish Schools Taught

  It is very humbling for me, when I realize that others appreciate my writing. I recently had the father of a teammate from my son’s baseball team mention that he likes my blogs and recently read the article, on interview tips.  “Did My Potential Employer See... read more

The Myth of Time Management

I went to Amazon and typed in “Time Management” under books and this came up. 135,890 results for Books : “time management”   Really? Over 135K books on this subject yet many folks still complain that they have too little time to get things done. I was one... read more

Cut The Digital Marketing BullS**t

For those who may know me, I am a pretty easygoing person. Very rarely do I get caught up in the drama of the digital marketing industry.  My main focus in on delivering value to my customers. But over the last few weeks, I have been astounded at the amount of digital... read more

For Leaders: Why Failure is Still a Dirty Word

Most of my writing is generated from two areas: my own interactions with the world/staff/family or from discussions with clients, either current or potential. I still encounter a struggle from business leaders or even people in my day-to-day life to say they failed at... read more

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My wife and I refer to challenges we face in our lives as our New Normal.


My goal with this blog is to help others adjust to their "New Normal" because too often people struggle with change.


I want to make ideas accessible for organizations and people so they perform better. It is why I continue to share through my speaking, training and writing.


I am blessed to have great support from my team at PCG Companies but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important.

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