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Reputation Management: Still needed?

With Yelp now adding a video feature, With Foursquare splitting it’s app into two different functions, (Foursquare to look for places and Swarm to check in) creating a great experience for customers is even more important for your Reputation … [Continue reading]

Unified Marketing Messages: Fighting Like Siblings?

Unified Marketing Messages

I have two young boys and as I watch their interaction, for the most part they get along and play well. But in a they can rocket towards extremes of “You are my best friend, I love you, let’s play together” to “It’s your fault, get out of my room, go … [Continue reading]

Customer Service: Is The Effort There Every Time?

Customer Service

I am Yankees fan and have been my whole life. Not just for the “Jeter” years but through the 70’s and the woeful 80’s as well. I have been able to see many great players but one I wish I saw was the great Joe DiMaggio. The reason was how he … [Continue reading]

Why Are Digital Marketing Managers Failing So Often?

Digital Marketing Managers

I find it interesting that many businesses still are not aware of the impact digital marketing has on their bottom line. Many feel they have a website and that is enough. I see companies checking off the box, saying “I am doing social media”, or “I … [Continue reading]

Why Companies Fail to Hire Great Training Experts

Training Expert

I wrote an article a few weeks ago entitled “Digital Marketing Expert or “Expert”” where I provided questions that you should ask any Digital Marketing Expert in order to qualify that they know what they are doing. Interestingly enough, people … [Continue reading]

Actionable Data: How to Pinpoint and Execute

Actionable Data

As CEO of PCG Digital Marketing I have the opportunity to engage with many different leaders as I cross the country speaking and training. Two of the biggest questions I am asked are: “ How do I know what data I should be looking at?” “ Once I … [Continue reading]

Marketing Silos Part 2: The Three-Headed Solution

The response to my recent article, Marketing Silos are Killing your Business was overwhelming. Automotive dealers and business owners reached out to let me know of their struggles to get everyone to the same marketing table. They also loved the … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketing Expert or “Expert?”

Digital Marketing Expert

I have been traveling over the last week, speaking at certain Digital Marketing events, reading some of the industry blogs as well and doing a lot of assessments for potential clients. Just like the very brilliant commercial for Holiday Inn, where … [Continue reading]

Marketing Silos are Killing your Business

Silo Marketing

I have been working on changing the Marketing Silo mentality in automotive digital marketing circles to get people to focus on their marketing efforts as a whole. Too often I hear dealers AND agencies talking about the marketing efforts in terms of … [Continue reading]

Do You Use Data Management or Your Gut for Business?

Big Data

I have been blessed to travel and work with automotive dealers around the globe and although there are major differences in culture and some processes, I am still amazed how many leaders run their business from their “gut”instead on data management. … [Continue reading]