Glenn has been a featured author for multiple industry publications and the co-author of two books: Selling Cars in the Digital Age and The Power of Connected Marketing

The Power of
Connected Marketing

Customers are encountering your company’s message across multiple platforms and the list keeps growing. If your message is not connected and consistent through all of these channels you’re wasting marketing dollars. Your company’s ability to grow and succeed long term depends on it.

Glenn, along with Troy Spring and Tracy Myers, will share his expertise and strategies to help you connect your message with customers wherever they find you.

Selling Cars in
the Digital Age

If your vision to create a world-class experience for consumers at your dealership has not yet fully manifested, this book provides tactical advice to achieve that goal. If you want to enhance your current sales processes to engage with car shoppers using the internet, this book is the blueprint to do so.

Outlines the structure, strategy, and processes needed to sell more cars in a time where a high percentage of consumers are using the Internet to research and purchase a vehicle. This book has been translated into 4 languages and is now in it’s 5th edition.

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If you are looking for great information with actionable takeaways… then The Power of Connected Marketing is the book for you!”

Duane Cummings