Glenn’s straightforward and practical viewpoint has been honed from his years in hospitality, sales, customer service and now CEO of PCG Digital. His presentation style captivates audiences from a small workshop to a keynote for an audience of a thousand plus. He provides a clear understanding of the topic and communicates in a very clear, actionable manner. No matter how he presents his content, whether live or virtual, Glenn delivers valuable insights and keeps his audiences engaged with relevant and practical . As one attendee said, “You are the first speaker I met who made sense when talking about marketing. I finally understand what I need to do.”

Keynotes & Workshops

All of these programs can be delivered to the audience in person or virtually as a keynote or interactive workshop presentation.

Demystifying digital marketing

Companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital marketing each year believing they are doing the right thing. Yet the fear of Digital Marketing is real for many business owners. They are overwhelmed with this dynamically changing arena and need help navigating it and don’t know who to trust. Running your business on hope is not a great strategy.


In this presentation, Glenn will share his experiences running a Digital Marketing Agency and how he has helped alleviate these concerns for his clients both large and small. This presentation, based on Glenn’s book The Power of Connected Marketing, is delivered in a straightforward manner in language everyone can understand. Glenn breaks down these obstacles providing actionable strategies so audiences can leverage marketing to connect with today’s consumers to create more sales opportunities.

Audience Takeaways

  • What is Digital Marketing Today
  • Where is Your Audience
  • How to Hire/Partner with the Right Digital Agency
  • Cutting Through Vendor Speak
  • How Much Should You Spend
  • What Marketing Metrics Really Matter
  • The Power of Connected Marketing

going backwards to move your business forward

When results are not achieved, emotions come into play. Business leaders make rash changes without fully understanding their impact. These impulsive changes are hurting the bottom line. The days on emotional decision making are over. Time for cooler heads to prevail, but this takes strategy, patience but most of all a plan.


In this presentation Glenn will share his strategies to help your teams get back on track. By thinking like a detective, attendees will learn how to reverse engineer results to find the root cause. More importantly, they will learn the skills to fix the problem, retrain their team so everyone gets back on track to achieve the desired results and deliver a fantastic experience to your customers. No need to panic. We have a plan that’s logical, tactical, strategic but also a lot of Fun.

Audience Takeaways

  • Coaching vs Managing
  • What to Do When Your Team Meets Expectations
  • What to Do When They Don’t Meet Expectations
  • Detective Time: Reverse Engineering the “Crime Site”
  • What Obstacles Are Preventing Success
  • Why Groundhog’s Day is a Good Thing
  • The Power of Connected Marketing

Build It To Serve
Your Customers

It’s all about the experience. With products becoming more of commodities, the experience you deliver to your customers is the key to long term success for your business both online and in person.


In this program, Glenn will inspire attendees to think about the experience their customers should receive and how to build their team to deliver it consistently. Bringing his years of hospitality and customer service experience into play, Glenn will share how to get your team on board ripping away wasted tactics and tools in order to deliver a customer experience that has them raving, recommending, and returning for more. What do you want your customers to experience? Not sure you can deliver? Time to build your team with a service mentality. Funny, blunt but most of all actionable.

Audience Takeaways

  • How to Document the Experience Customers Desire
  • How to Utilize 4 Pillar of Success
  • Why Consistency is the Key to Success
  • What Obstacles Are Your Customers Facing
  • How Top-Down Decisions Kill Productivitiy
  • How to Get Your Team Excited & Unified

Impact Leadership
Think Like A Coach

Running a team of people is complicated. Everything is moving quickly both internally and externally. Adapting to competitive markets, adapting to different strategies, different viewpoints, and different employee needs. How do you navigate the business playing field and maximize performance to create a winning environment?


Many individuals leading teams were never taught the skills to do so. On the job training for leaders is not the answer and all they know are the habits of previous managers. This may be impacting your team’s productivity in a negative way. In this keynote, Glenn shares his process to “Think Like a Coach”, bringing skills from the sidelines, right to the executive suite. Funny, engaging, and impactful, learn the skills and strategies to build a high performing team that is efficient, effective, and profitable.

Audience Takeaways

  • The Basic Tools of Leadership
  • The 5 “C’s” of High Performing Teams
  • Playbooks and Practice Matter
  • Secrets to Better Communication
  • Positive Accountability

“Glenn delivers actionable insights in a structured way. He is an exceptional speaker and presenter.”

Jim Flint, CEO

“The tools and processes outlined in the Impact Leadership workshop transcend industry and are beneficial to any leader in any organization.”

Greg Petro, Operations Executive

“Glenn’s joy of presenting relevant programs comes through via his comfortable and open style, as well as through the thoughtfulness he shows the audience.”

David Schuchman, Tech Training Leader

“I now realize some of my management techniques were hurting my team, not helping them.”

Aurora Castilla, Marketing Manager

“This was an education I didn’t expect. Impact Leadership showed me a lot of pitfalls with my own management while providing insights and strategies to elevate my team.”

David Sanders, Client Support Director

Have you ever wondered why some managers or leaders are more successful than others? Do they have a secret management skill you don’t?