Training ExpertsI wrote an article a few weeks ago entitled “Digital Marketing Expert or “Expert”” where I provided questions that you should ask any Digital Marketing Expert in order to qualify that they know what they are doing.

Interestingly enough, people began asking me to provide questions they could ask “Training Experts” that would help qualify them as well. This is so important because in 2012 over 160 Billion was spent on training and development by US companies. It rose even higher in 2013 so where this is a spending frenzy, “Experts” in all fields come out looking to cash in.

Common Mistakes Prior to Hiring  Training Experts

How can companies learn to qualify any “Training Expert” in order to make sure they are going to provide the value you need to help your company or yourself? Before we can even get to that I want to address two HUGE mistakes companies need to address before they decide whom to hire as a trainer.

Company is not clear on what problem they are looking to solve

Before a trainer is brought in, the company has to be in agreement that there is a problem. If there is not a specific thing you are looking to fix it will be a waste of time. Is it setting appointments? Is it how to analyze data? Is it how to create marketing campaigns? Whatever the problem, you have to be specific on what you want to fix in order to bring in the right person.

Company is not prepared to take on the new training

Does the company understand why the trainer is coming? Are they prepped and receptive? Are they even aware there is a problem? If not, then they will not be invested in learning what needs to change to solve the problem and be grateful that the company provided training in order to help them do their job better.

Ok, we have the problem, we are ready to have a trainer so what do I need to ask?

5 Questions to ask Training Experts

  1. What is your training style?
  2. How will you help me customize it to my company?
  3. What materials do you provide?
  4. What follow up or testing is done
  5. What long term follow up should you or I do

Notice I did not ask for references. If you think about it, they are going to give you their best clients who will rave about them. Just because someone else liked them does not mean they are right for you. These questions help you to begin to get a feel for the individual as well as if their style fits your company.

The next step is the trainer should now begin questioning you. If they do not, then that is the red flag you are looking for.

Questions the Training Experts should Ask You

  1. They want you to explain to them what needs to be fixed and why it is important
  2. They question you to death on current processes and training going on
  3. They ask about testing or accountability processes you have in place
  4. Current Management structure
  5. Responsibilities and requirements of people who will be trained

Why should they be asking these questions?

They need to understand why the results you are getting are not what are needed. They need to know if the staff even understands these are the goals. They need to know how are these goals communicated, how employees are being trained to achieve the goals and how are they being followed up on and adjusted.

Without this information the trainer will provide a Band-Aid to your team that will make you feel comfortable cutting a check. I personally can go into any business and in a week get a spike in performance. You would give me a check, your team will ride out this surge for a week or two more and then they go back to old habits and you will blame your team, NOT the poor training that this Training Expert provided.

But I got my check. Did it work? Did it fix the problem? No.

If you want to change behavior you need the right person who asks the right question, has a plan that is customized to your business and your team with the right way to educate and most importantly a way to test, follow up retrain and tweak. Lastly they must supply and train you on a long-term follow up and accountability process so that your own team cans manage performance

You may need them to come back as a refresher but a good trainer puts independence into place, not dependency


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Glenn Pasch is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, National Speaker  and Management Trainer.

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