Glenn is a highly requested speaker whose energetic, straight forward style of delivering his message connects with audiences and leaves them excited about what he shares.  He speaks on a variety of topics that cover digital marketing strategy, business leadership, building high performing teams, customer experience, and how to connect all these pieces to increase a company’s profits. Below you’ll find examples of his most in demand talking points that can be catered to any need.


Think Like A Coach

Running a business or a team of people is complicated. Everything is moving quickly both internally and externally. Adapting to competitive markets, adapting to different strategies, different viewpoints and different employee needs.


How do you navigate this playing field and maximize performance to create a winning environment?


In this keynote Glenn shares his process to “Think Like a Coach”, bringing skills from the sidelines, right to the executive suite.

Funny, engaging and impactful, learn the strategies to build a high performing team which is efficient, effective and profitable.

Demystifying Digital Marketing

With companies spending hundreds of thousands of $$ on marketing each year, the fear of Digital Marketing is real for many business owners. They are overwhelmed with this dynamically changing arena and need help navigating it.

What should they spend money on? Who should they trust? what questions should they ask their vendors? How do they gain control of the conversation and cut through Vendor Speak?

This presentation breaks down these obstacles providing actionable strategies so audiences can leverage marketing to connect with today’s consumers.

Backwards Is The Best Way Forwards

A broken clock is right twice a day and the same can be said about sales and marketing. We celebrate success not knowing why it worked and point fingers of blame when we lose. Too often we make changes without knowing why and hope everything turns out well.

As a leader, how do you move your business forward by working backwards?

In this workshop, Glenn gets you focused on the right path. How to see where you want to be and how to reverse engineer your path. The strategies he shares have helped hundreds of companies succeed and you will as well.

Installing Change In 7 Steps 

What happens, when you leave a fantastic event, conference, or meeting with a notebook full of new ideas. You return to your business, excited to get started but how do you prioritize the changes? More importantly, how do you really implement change successfully?

Glenn will share his strategies he has used for his clients to help them plan, install and ultimately execute on new ideas to maximize their business results. Change is great but change implemented incorrectly can be destructive. You will leave this keynote with a checklist you can use to head back and install any new process and train your team effectively to improve overall performance.


Unleash the Power of Connected Marketing

What is Connected Marketing and how it can transform your business? Learn how to harness all aspects of marketing and maximize marketing budgets.

What Should My Marketing Message Be Today?

What should the focus of marketing be when goods and services today are readily available and plentiful? Learn what matters to today’s consumers.

The 5 C’s of High Performing Teams:

 Building and leading teams can be frustrating. Learn the keys to creating a team that can perform, produce, and grow your bottom line.

Manager-Employee Conflict:

Secret Killer to Your Bottom Line

Why can’t you keep good employees? Why does performance never seem to improve? Learn why hidden conflict is killing your business and how to fix this problem.

Moving the 60: The Secret to

Creating a Dominant Business

What is the middle 60? Why do you need to focus on this? Learn how changing your approach will grow your business year after year.