What People Say

“Glenn is a consummate professional. He is an intelligent leader who’s valuable insights, and wisdom has helped me in my organization. His understanding of business and ability to educate and help organizations execute strategies for growth come from, what I’ve observed, a sincere desire to help people achieve greatness.”

-Michael Cirillo, Bestselling Author | Online Marketing Strategist | Speaker | CEO | Podcaster


“It’s easy to see why someone like Glenn Pasch has had success in any vertical he decides to dive into, he’s caring! Anyone can be passionate about what they do but Glenn continually demonstrates a level of grace and empathy that resonates through those he works with every day. Our industry is moving quickly towards a level of transparency, learning and trust that we have never seen before. Pasch is one of those gifted leaders who makes those pillars apart of his everyday life and his approach will be adopted by many. Glenn truly “leads by example”.

-Brent Wees, Partner/Ambassador of Buzz – Powered by Dashboard


“Glenn’s most admirable trait is his ability to make a solid connection with anyone that crosses his path. As a speaker, this serves him extremely well and I have honestly never seen a room full of people so engaged as they are during Glenn’s sessions. As a manager, Glenn truly recognizes the potential in his employees and works tirelessly to mentor each of them. It is always a pleasure working with Glenn and would recommend his expertise as a speaker to any company looking for guidance on management, procedure, marketing, and reputation management.”

-Christine Rochelle, Integrated Marketing Manager lotus823


“Honest to goodness, Glenn is one of the most straight up inspirational brilliant minds out there. He GETS it, and he is able to capture a concept to transverse, and extract the most valuable elements, and reformulate so that not only you want him to succeed, but you succeed together.

His ability to communicate SUCH high level complex operational functions of the auto industry is perfection. Being around him gets your brain into gear, effortlessly. I honestly cannot say enough. He is a friend, a mentor, an inspiration, a leader, and a truly brilliant human being.

-Lindsey Shaker, Director of Marketing, Shaker Auto Group


“Glenn is one of the true professionals in the industry when it comes to delivering a top-notch product combined with matching customer service. He’s overflowing with information about marketing, but more importantly he has a grasp of life that is profound. Our experience with him and his team has always been a positive one and we look forward to working with him further in the coming years.”

-JD Rucker, Founder Dealer Authority


Glenn is able to influence the way a person thinks. If you can influence the way a person thinks about something, you increase the probability of change. Glenn has always had an ability to make everything make sense to employees and bring together a team. He inspires and challenges people and takes a vested interest in the success of everyone he works with day to day.

Rob Bayer, National Manager, JAK Productions



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