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“Glenn’s most admirable trait is his ability to make a solid connection with anyone that crosses his path. As a speaker, this serves him extremely well and I have honestly never seen a room full of people so engaged as they are during Glenn’s sessions. As a manager, Glenn truly recognizes the potential in his employees and works tirelessly to mentor each of them. It is always a pleasure working with Glenn and would recommend his expertise as a speaker to any company looking for guidance on management, procedure, marketing, and reputation management.”

-Christine Rochelle, Integrated Marketing Manager lotus823

“Glenn is one of the true professionals in the industry when it comes to delivering a top-notch product combined with matching customer service. He’s overflowing with information about marketing, but more importantly he has a grasp of life that is profound. Our experience with him and his team has always been a positive one and we look forward to working with him further in the coming years.”

-JD Rucker, Founder Dealer Authority

“Glenn is a rare individual. He is a solid citizen, focused and pragmatic, and also is a creative big thinker. He’s a serious student of “getting things done” and knows how to do it or systematically inspire individuals to do it on their own.”

-Keith Fiveson, Owner, Creator of ITESA and Social GoGo 

Glenn is able to influence the way a person thinks. If you can influence the way a person thinks about something, you increase the probability of change. Glenn has always had an ability to make everything make sense to employees and bring together a team. He inspires and challenges people and takes a vested interest in the success of everyone he works with day to day.

Rob Bayer, National Manager, JAK Productions

As a young executive in a highly competitive job market, an executive coach of Glenn’s caliber is a must for continued success. He has been instrumental in my professional transformation from a task/sales focused sales person to a forward thinking executive of a major television corporation.  Our weekly sessions bring clarity, focus, and strategic planning into the forefront of a hectic workweek.

In addition to contributing to my individual professional growth, my own staff members have benefitted tremendously from his team building techniques. Glenn’s guide to being a better manager has re-energized my sales team, broken down old ineffective patterns of thinking, as well as improved our communication skills. As a direct result my sales team is now stronger, more focused, and better negotiators who are closing record-breaking sales.

Thanks Glenn

—Helen Jurado, Vice President- TV Sales, DVD and Digital Media
– Latin America and US Hispanic Markets/BBC Worldwide America

Glenn has a remarkable ability to create outstanding business solutions that make perfect sense through his systems and the processes that he implements. In a fast paced and always changing business environment he manages to overcome obstacles that others may find extremely difficult. He is a highly motivated, positive and enthusiastic individual and he passes those outstanding qualities on to all he interacts with. His ” can do ” attitude is instilled in his work and the results speak for themselves.

Anthony Freda, Director Operations, MTS 

Glenn was a wonderful mentor to many individuals including myself and I have found that my experiences with Glenn have served me well in my later endeavors. He taught me to be methodical in my approach, practice patience in my duties and never to let my ambition cloud my judgment.

Jerry Wass, President, First Community Mortgage

Glenn contributed to my career growth, and his guidance was key to my growth and future success.His coaching reached out across many managers, those who relied on Glenn’s insight and knowledge to manage their day-to-day operations.

Mary Curcio, VP, Bank of America

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My wife and I refer to challenges we face in our lives as our New Normal.


My goal with this blog is to help others adjust to their "New Normal" because too often people struggle with change.


I want to make ideas accessible for organizations and people so they perform better. It is why I continue to share through my speaking, training and writing.


I am blessed to have great support from my team at PCG Companies but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important.

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