Customer Service and a “Need For Speed”

Remember the Tom Cruise quote from Top Gun. “I have a need for speed”. Well businesses need to embrace that same concept when designing their customer service strategy. We all have seen “Customer Service” as a big buzzword used in marketing strategies by companies. We... read more

Successful Employees Start With You

I was teaching a workshop the other day at an Automotive Digital Marketing Event on building a successful team. As the audience filed out, a GM of a dealership pulled me aside and asked if he could ask me some questions. We found a few seats in the hallway of the... read more

How to Improve Your Accountability Factor

I received an email from the owner of a business whose team was in a two day training session with us. He was receiving great feedback from his team but he wanted to review with us the “accountability” section in our training. “ So many courses and workshops give you... read more

If a Head Coach Trained Like You They Would be FIRED!!

Let’s paint a picture: You pay good money to go watch your favorite sports team, but when they begin to play they are horrible. Their execution is sporadic and sloppy. They seem to have a lackadaisical attitude and an I-did-my-part mentality. And the coach is nowhere... read more

How to Vacation Throughout Your Workday

Now before you skip this article because it seems so odd, please let me elaborate. I recently returned from a vacation with my family in Puerto Rico. We stayed in Isabela, which is a quaint little surf town on the northwestern side of the island. It has what one would... read more

Does Your Vision Match Reality?

Take a moment.  Close your eyes and picture what you would like your business to look like. If you could do what you want and have what you want, what would it look like? What would it smell like? Let yourself stay with this vision for a bit so that you get that sense... read more

What’s Behind That Visionary?

We are all enamored with the visionary. They are celebrated as groundbreakers, courageous and responsible for many of the things we take for granted today. We see them on TV or on magazine covers. We look at them in awe wondering how they do all they do. I too... read more

Are You Hiding From Reality?

As I speak to many different groups throughout the year, one common trend I see is that many owners of businesses, managers of department and even employees themselves have a way of hiding from what is going on around them. There is an epidemic of finger pointing, of... read more

Technology vs People: Where to Focus?

Working with businesses as I do, I am confronted with a growing problem. Businesses are adding new technology to increase productivity, but the problem that is occurring is that their people don’t know how to use it to its full potential. I was in a business the other... read more
Which 20% Are You Looking at?

Which 20% Are You Looking at?

As a trainer, I am often asked if you should focus on your top performers or your bottom ones to improve business. Many ask how much time should be spent on either group. I will lay out the arguments for both and then give my answer with an extra tip for success. The... read more

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