Why a Poor Q1 Performance Can Lead to a Great Q4

Why a Poor Q1 Performance Can Lead to a Great Q4

  As we head to the close of Q1, many companies will sit to review their 2016 performance goals. In some cases, companies will begin to stress because these Q1 performance results will not meet the initial targets and they worry that their year will never... read more
GM Interview Pt. 3: Important Management Skills

GM Interview Pt. 3: Important Management Skills

    In our final part of our conversation with Steve Stigliano, former GM of Gold Coast Cadillac we focus on what management skills he feels a GM needs to succeed in todays market.   Part Three: Education GP: Steve, in our last part we discussed... read more

Band-Aids Don’t Fix Broken Processes

When I was looking to improve my golf game (I could hack my way around the course but it was ugly) my coach asked me what my end goal was. Did I want him to provide a Band-Aid for my game or did I really want to learn how to play golf. I asked him what he meant by... read more

4 Reasons Why Focusing on Competition Kills Business

Too often I hear business leaders bemoan their competition. Their competition is the reason they are losing market share. Their competition is the reason they cannot attract customers. Their competition is this or that and on and on it goes I am here to tell you that... read more

4 Ways to Improve Poor Execution for Better Results

3 am wide-awake and your mind won’t shut off. No sleep coming for the next few hours from worry about why a project is not going well. Why are you not executing on what your well-laid plans told you would happen. Who is to blame? You? Your Team? Both? Frustration... read more

Targeting the Root Issue of Employee Performance

Every month there are managers reviewing their employee’s performance. At this time, statistics are viewed, metrics are measured and either the manager is happy or disappointed. What follows next is usually the “pep” talk. This is where the manager will tell the... read more

Tis the Season for Changing Vendors: But Should you?

Every year, as the calendar flips to holiday season, there is another ritual that happens in every personal and business life. Resolutions. Changes. New goals. Changing Vendors. Now I am always a proponent of review and change when needed, but too often I am asked... read more

Business Success: Move the 60%

How do I increase my team’s productivity? How do I increase my sales? Why isn’t my revenue increasing? How many of these questions have you asked yourself? Business success depends on improving your team’s performance which can be daunting, especially if you have a... read more

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