• accountabilityAre you wondering why you cannot seem to get things done?
  • Are you constantly setting goals but waiting to begin?
  • Are you putting off till tomorrow any big decisions?

You’re accountability may be living in the land of tomorrow when you need to be in the here and now.

This time of year especially, things get put off. “I am working on my resolutions” “ I will wait till after the holiday to begin” “why start now with all of the parties”, or “It is end of year and no one will buy from me”

And on and on and on. The battle with accountability.

Ever hear those choice expressions coming out of your mouth or that of your team?

I call this phenomenon “kicking the can down the road”. Never picking something up and doing something just kicking it down the road and maybe someone else will take the initiative and do something with it.

Procrastination is one of the biggest problems with accountability. If you can train yourself to do something “now” or when you think of it, you will triple production.

Accountability tips to make the most of these next few weeks and into 2015.

  • Have a plan each day. What are the two or three things that HAVE to get done today?
  • Schedule your important tasks for first thing in the morning. Do not wait because the day will throw other distractions your way.
  • Execute: Be laser focused on accomplishing your tasks. If it is calling customers, shut your door, block out interruptions and dial away. If it is a creative project, lock your self away and work on the project.
  • Record your thoughts or ideas when you have them on your phone so you do not forget.

For Sales people and Leaders, there is never a good time to kick the can down the road. Your accountability is a result of your actions today not inactivity.

For example: One of my salespeople came in the other day and said that a customer needed information and he was going to get it together and would get back to them tomorrow. I said, let’s call them right now.  We got him on the phone and answered his questions right then. He appreciated the quick turn around and a proposal was sent for business that day.

Accountability takes planning and effort but kicking the can down the road will only sabotage your long-term success. If it can be done now or today, then do it.

Be pushy with yourself. Demand more. Protect your valuable time. Be accountable to yourself and others.

Don’t be a Tomorrow person in 2015.

Wishing everyone huge success for 2015 and beyond. Let’s get going !!!


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Glenn Pasch is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, National Speaker and part of the Educational staff for the Automotive Digital Marketing Certification courses