Reviews are creeping up everywhereCustomer Review

I was checking in online the other day for my trip to Digital Marketing Strategies conference and Continental had placed the following set of tabs at the bottom of my boarding pass.

Here were their suggestions for restaurants, nightlife and things to do. I am not sure how these got loaded in but the fact that these businesses have a review gathering process helps.

I would think your business could benefit from this type of exposure. But if you don’t have reviews you will not make the list. (I wrote about this in a previous article)

One other place I have recently seen how video reviews will impact business. I was shopping on Amazon and at the bottom of my searches was a request for people to submit their “product review” videos.

The more that customers see companies wanting feedback people will give it. Why not be in front of the surge of reviews and ask your customers to send in a video with them using your product or commenting. What a great viral way to show that you engage your customer base.

I think that businesses are afraid to ask for feedback and this is one of the main reasons they do not have a process. Yet they will be the first to use reviews in their personal life to decide on movies, restaurants or hotels.

If you listen to ads on the radio, or just keep looking you will see reviews are dominating ads. “Please let us know how we are doing” “Your feedback is important to us,” Read what our customers are saying “ and the list keeps growing.

Reviews and feedback will propel sales. People are telling you what matters to them. Don’t ignore this feedback or they will go to those who will listen.

Let me know your thoughts.

Glenn Pasch is the COO of PCG Digital Marketing