Making Ideas Accessible


As one of Glenn’s audience commented:

“Glenn’s most admirable trait is his ability to make a solid connection with anyone that crosses his path. As a speaker, this serves him extremely well and I have honestly never seen a room full of people so engaged as they are during Glenn’s sessions.”

Glenn Pasch is highly requested workshop and keynote speaker whose energetic, straight forward style of speaker that connects with audiences and leaves them excited about what they learned.  He speaks on a variety of topics that cover business leadership, change management, digital marketing and the impact of this new technology on culture, business and society.

Part education, part implementation and a whole lot of fun! Glenn’s training workshops are tailored to his audience.  Glenn introduces participants to new ways to approach their work and their business relationships.

He educates on what new behavior is expected, role-play to make sure your team understands how to apply what is needed. Participants will walk away not only with the understanding of what needs to change, but also with the tools and skills to implement the changes immediately.

No two groups are the same so Glenn will tailor the message to whatever level is needed.

A Sample of Workshops Available:

Accessible Leadership in 7 Steps:

Designed both for the new manager to learn what skills they will need to become an effective leader and experienced managers as well to refresh those skills they may have taken for granted.  You will walk away with a new set of skills that can impact your ability to lead immediately. Everything we will train you to do will make sense and be easy to implement in your daily work-life.  Become the leader you want to be.

Creating a Top Performing Team

If you could get the results you need without pulling out your hair…would you listen? Discover the simple route to getting results by delegating properly and how to hold people accountable without adding to your stress.  We will show you a system of inspection, training and follow up that will get you results from your team and specific ways to make adjustments when you need to. Get even more done than you thought you could!

Change is NOT scary. How to implement change into your Business

Too many times you have a good idea or need to “fix” something in your business but the biggest reason why change does not happen is you don’t know HOW to implement change effectively. Learn the steps to get your team understanding why something has to change, what needs to happen and then how they can do it easily and quickly.  Don’t let change stop your business from improving.

8 Steps to Coaching Mastery:

Master your training by learning this simple 8 step coaching process that delivers results immediately. This seminar is perfect for new supervisors, or Managers of departments who need to train teams to perform. This system can be used for any training/teaching topic in business or your personal life. It is easy to understand and implement and once you understand it, you will never train any other way. Come learn a more effective way to teach!

Digital Marketing is Still Marketing

Does your business fear Digital Marketing? Are you overwhelmed with the new technology? Think you have to forget what you did to build your business? In this workshop, Glenn debunks these myths and helps you understand that your message comes first. Technology is just the vehicle to distribute that message.  Learn how to tweak your message for each technology so you can leverage new media to grow your business.

The 4 “B”s of Customer Retention

Businesses focus so much of ways to attract new business, yet they spend so little on how to retain the customers they have. In this workshop we will review the 4 “B”s of how your company can implement a strategy to keep customers loyal and recommending your services. Simple, straight-forward and effective.

Creating and Marketing your Online Reputation

Today customers will be researching online who to do business with. What will they find when they look up your company? Can they see your “Why Buy From Me” message loud and clear? What are your customers saying about you? Learn the steps to get your happy clients raving about you online and how to use this to increase traffic to your website and thus increase your sales.

Understanding Your Customer’s Communication Style:

Everyone delivers and receives information differently. Learn how you and your team communicate as well as how your team is communicating with your customers. Learn new ways to deliver your information to make sure your team gets the results you need. It is not only what you say but how you say it that makes the difference.

Customer Service is a VERB- not a PRODUCT

Learn what steps you can take to elevate your customer service to the level of excellence you need in order to distance yourself from your competitors. We educate your team on the 5 most important aspects of Excellent Customer Service. You will understand  how your business stacks up and we will give you the tools to implement change where needed. It’s fun, interactive but most importantly, your company will see results.

And more.

All of Glenn’s workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contact Glenn  to see what’s possible for you and your management team!