interview processMy company has been interviewing candidates to join our team due to our growth. That is great news for us and I am looking forward to meeting some of the final candidates.

I have written some articles in the past about the interview process of today, and what I look for in a candidate. I have also reviewed some mistakes candidates make during the process.

My purpose with this little rant is there is still a lack of understanding amongst candidates that your resume is not that piece of paper you have crafted with such poetic license. You know, the one where you had a title and ran a division, but in reality it was only you. You know, where you were responsible for growing the business by 400% over the last year but you were only a small part of the team.

I get it, we did this when I was an actor starting out, and you made any achievement seem bigger than it was just to get in the door where your “talent” would win them over. I want to point out that resumes are not even useful anymore.

Interview Process of Today


What now counts in my interview process is what I can find about you online. All my team does once we have a resume with qualifications that may fit is we Google you. We look at your social media accounts, articles, videos and anything else that comes up on the first two pages of search.

We go to LinkedIn and see what recommendations you have. If you are a senior executive or especially such a successful part of a team, where are the reviews from co-workers or your supervisor? Or the clients that you served?

What candidates need to remember is that you are marketing yourself. Everything online and how it looks says something about you. I received a resume recently for a writer that had typos. Go figure.

Again, I am no prude but people need to start thinking about what they are posting online, their comments and rants or content they create. Everything is now a reflection of you and don’t try to tell me it depends on what career path you are going down. Everyone who is hiring is looking because your profile is visible.

A word of advice for the young folks just in high school, all of this online content lives on into the future unless you plan on wiping your profile clean once you get into “the real world.”  Now I thank God there was not social media when I was in my twenties living in NYC but it is here now and you have to be responsible.

Before you send in your next resume, do what we do and Google yourself? Are you happy with what you see? Would you bring yourself in for an interview?

This is not a demand that you change who you are, just remember all posts are your content marketing strategy that will show you off to potential employers.

Use this technology to help you stand out, not get kicked off the list.


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Glenn Pasch is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a father, husband, writer and part of the National Speaker Association.  I am excited to be part of the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference April 12-14th in Napa. Come join me.