gratitudeThis article is a little different than others I write because it is not about marketing, or training but about how we move through the world each day and our responsibility to others and ourselves.

I was listening to a documentary on Carlos Santana, one of my favorite musicians, and he spoke about how grateful he is each day to be able to share with others. I thought how wonderful. How he focuses on having gratitude that he is able to perform his job.

I know some will say, “Well of course he loves his job, he is a big time musician” or “Well he is rich so he has no problems”. And yet, of the many people I have met whom some would consider rich or successful all seem to have “problems” or struggles at times. We make the false assumption that money solves everything.

Why this is bothering me is there seems to be a growing swell people talking about how unsatisfied they are in their work or position in life. Saying that “tomorrow will be better” or “my next job will be the one for me” or “If I only had X, then everything would be better.”  I cannot say that I have not felt the same way at times but my goal here is to help people understand that you control the way you move through the world and it is not the job or trinket you have that defines you.

How can we help ourselves to have more gratitude for our jobs or our position in life?  These two focus points have helped me many times.


Work on the attitude that you bring to your day. If you believe that your actions or your piece to the puzzle is needed and will help that person or customer create more success, then I think your sense of accomplishment increases.


Open yourself up to the situation you find yourself in and think beyond yourself. If you open yourself up to any situation you see many others who are in the same boat or even worse off than you.

My son has had a few medical conditions in his young life and when I go to the hospital for his checkups my perspective is always challenged. Others have commented or wondered how I can be so upbeat at times when this was happening, but I recall that there are others that carry a bigger burden than I do and that keeps my perspective on solid footing.

I want to challenge all you readers to pause for a moment and see if you are showing gratitude during your day. When you execute your tasks, is there a sense of purpose and if not can there?

I think that the more we approach life with proper attitude and perspective it will make our own days seem brighter as well for those around us.


If I can be of service or you would like to bounce ideas around feel free to reach out to me. I will be more than willing to help.

Glenn Pasch is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, National Speaker  and Management Trainer.

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