Wonder why the Facebook Marketing your company is doing is not converting? There are a few things companies can learn from Christopher Kimball’s new venture, The Milk Street Kitchen and his departure from America’s Test Kitchen a brand/company helped to create.


First you must understand that I am a fan of America’s Test Kitchen. I love to cook and many years ago ran across Mr. Kimball’s show on our local PBS station. I loved his approach to help educate viewers on why things happened when cooking, where a cut of beef was on the steer or how you can screw things up if you are not careful. His old fashioned, proper bow tie look, stern teacher approach was something that clicked for me among all of the flashy, fast cooking shows on TV.


That said, I was unaware that he left the show until this week. I will explain how I learned about his departure and through this revelation I want to point out how excellence with their Facebook Marketing came into play and how your business could benefit from their success.  I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed this ad.

Facebook Marketing


Of course I clicked on it for a few reasons. First I know the person, second it was so basic, “see what he has been up to” which intrigued me. What was The Milk Street Kitchen? And so my journey began. Let’s  review a few things they did really well that you should make sure you are doing when marketing on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Tips


Overview: Before we begin, you have to understand that the Facebook feed is cluttered. In order to cut through the noise you with your ads, you need to serve up the right content to the right audience. When I see ads that are focused on things I like/want/need then I am more prone to stop and read. Nothing bothers me and others is having ads served up that have nothing to do with who I am or what I like.


Custom Audiences: I am going to assume that since I am a subscriber to his previous products, that he uploaded my email address to Facebook to create a custom audience. My email would have been a match and now he can serve up this targeted ad to me. Too often companies are not taking advantage of providing more value to their current customer base. While you should focus on growing your base, why not work on providing more to those who know and like you already.


Audience Profiles: They could have created a profile of their target audience like myself.  Since I talk about cooking in my posts, I have it as an interest in my profile he could create an audience like myself to target for his ad. Think about who uses or could use your product and service. What are the traits or interests that apply to that group of people. Use this in your audience creation for your ads.


Creative: What I love about the ad is it is very simple. Not text heavy but focusing on his image as the hook to stop someone like myself from scrolling further. The text was intriguing enough to get me to click because in the past, Mr. Kimball and his team have provided great value to me. Focus on the image first and text second. Keep your text to as little as possible.


Landing Page: When I clicked on the ad, I came to their very nice clean landing page/website. It explained what this new venture was and asked if I wanted to subscribe to their newsletter. Of course I did and then next step was their thank you page, again very clean, with another soft ask about wanting their complimentary first issue.

Facebook Advertising Milk Street LP


As you can see, the path to conversion was based on targeting the right audience, with a very simple ad, leading me to the right page and in turn they now have a subscriber for their new venture. Looking forward, Mr. Kimball to your new venture.


When was the last time you followed the path you set up for your customers? Take a moment today to review any of your Facebook Marketing and click through your ads. Are you happy with what your see? If not, use some of these tips to improve your ads to make it easy for customers to sign up for your products or services.


In my companion piece to this article, I will discuss how losing the face of your brand can impact your business.


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