Facebook Ads Unlock Your Digital Gold Mine

Facebook Ads Unlock Your Digital Gold Mine

    During the Gold Rush of the early 1900’s people crossed the country because they heard there was a way to find gold and become rich. Some were successful because they had the right investment in tools and had the right location. They also had the courage... read more
Clean Ads Work Better for Facebook Marketing

Clean Ads Work Better for Facebook Marketing

  Wonder why the Facebook Marketing your company is doing is not converting? There are a few things companies can learn from Christopher Kimball’s new venture, The Milk Street Kitchen and his departure from America’s Test Kitchen a brand/company helped to... read more

Cut The Digital Marketing BullS**t

For those who may know me, I am a pretty easygoing person. Very rarely do I get caught up in the drama of the digital marketing industry.  My main focus in on delivering value to my customers. But over the last few weeks, I have been astounded at the amount of digital... read more

Welcome to the On Demand Society

I was listening to Brian Solis’s new podcast, Context Matters, and he mentioned the term “On Demand Society” when discussing Uber and its effect on not just business, but the economy in general. His point was that this ever-growing desire from consumers— to have... read more

Q & A: How to Unify Your Marketing Message

As I finished up my presentation at the UAAMG conference on Unified Marketing, a few of the dealers in the audience asked to sit down with them to discuss this one on one. Defining your “Why Buy From Me” marketing message as unique. We broke off to the side of the... read more

Is a Trusted Advisor Missing From Your Leadership Table?

I was asked to speak recently to a group of automotive dealership management professionals and I asked the folks who set up the event, what they wanted the focus of the presentation to be.  They said to speak about what I thought was important for 2015 for dealers. I... read more

2015 Road for Digital Marketing Success.

Each year around this time I discuss a few things that I have seen in the automotive digital marketing arena over the past year and what I feel dealers needs to focus on in the coming year. We have seen a movement where transparent reporting of vendor data has been a... read more

Why Are You Outsourcing Your Reputation

Reputation management is the new outsourced service for businesses. There is a new cottage industry of vendors that have risen up to say that they will handle your reputation. Maybe they have called you to say that you do not have to worry, they will watch what others... read more

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