Digital marketing educationThis post was inspired by a conversation I had with a client. I was speaking to him about the importance of digital marketing education and why he should send some employees to our Digital Marketing Education classes we were holding.

His response was, “I have no time to learn about this. That’s why I hired you”.

Now at first it seemed odd and I thought he might have a point. It is not as if I quiz my lawn care guy about all of the nuances of his job, nor do I sign up for classes at the local nursery to learn how I could better help improve my lawn care.

But then I took a step back and decided that in reality, this person was wrong. This was his business we were talking about, not a one-time service. This is what he spends the majority of his time each day and week on to provide for his family.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars marketing their products and services each week yet they are willing to just let some vendor do work for their business without understanding how to hold them accountable.

There are so many vendors who have built very successful businesses preying on the ignorance of business owners. They know they will never inspect their results or get educated enough to ask the right questions. “Here is your report, call me if you have any questions;” knowing the dealer cannot make heads or tails out of the report.

My company has provided Digital Marketing Education to hundreds of  automotive dealership employees who have told us point blank we have helped them understand their businesses better and, in turn, have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while making decisions that have impacted the bottom line by millions. That’s right, millions

So to hear someone still say, “That’s why I hired you,” seems very shortsighted.

Maybe it is the fear of the unknown or a feeling that one will look foolish in a class that holds someone back from embracing risk. My challenge to those in question would be to look at the end results. If you could add millions to the bottom line would you then be willing to risk embracing your uncertainty and see the value of education?

If you really feel that you just want to hire vendors so you can do your job, then fine, but I can tell you that your profits are being impacted.

Beware of vendors who say the following:

  • “Don’t worry, you don’t need to deal with this. You have more important things to do.”
  • “Here is your report, if you have any questions call.”
  • “I will get back to you,” but they never do.
  • “That’s what you hired me for, no need for you to get involved.”
  • “I know better so let me do my job.”

None of these vendors have your best interest in mind. Without Digital Marketing Education, you will fall prey to these tactics. Surround yourself with smart people who are educated, then you will dominate your competition. A little education to help you better hold your vendors accountable will give you such a return on your investment, it will impact the way you run your business forever.


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Glenn Pasch is the current CEO of PCG Digital Marketing as well as a writer, National Speaker and part of the Educational staff for the Automotive Digital Marketing Certification courses