Are You An Unknown Beacon of Inspiration



I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach a class on Digital Marketing at Northwood University.  As I was waiting to begin my first class, I sat in on another teacher’s class of freshman students and I was not ready for what I saw.

I had time to watch these kids as they found seats, a little nervous, a little excited. Some students were posing to show their “coolness” or indifference while others were sitting up ready to please. As the teacher began, he told them all that they were going to come up and introduce themselves to the class.

Their task was to share their story in a 30 second to one minute elevator pitch. “The exercise”, he said, “was going to be repeated throughout the year because you will need to be able to communicate very quickly who you are, what your passion is and explain what your company does.”

One additional piece of information he asked them to share was who or what, outside of their family, was an inspiration to them or influenced them. And off we went. (more…)

Band-Aids Don’t Fix Broken Processes

broken processesWhen I was looking to improve my golf game (I could hack my way around the course but it was ugly) my coach asked me what my end goal was. Did I want him to provide a Band-Aid for my game or did I really want to learn how to play golf. I asked him what he meant by that.

He told me that he could give me a few tips, (band aids) that would make me feel better today but I would never really get better long term. I would return over and over for another Band-Aid.

He then said that if I wanted to learn how to play, it would take time and effort. There were no short cuts for success. I told him that since my current game stunk I saw no reason to put a Band-Aid on it so let’s learn to play.


How 10-Year-Old Pitchers Can Help Train Your Team



My son’s baseball team was having trouble getting the ball over the plate when they pitched. The coach asked me to see if I could help.

When I asked the kids what their job was, they said, “To strike out the batters”. I asked them if the coach ever said that. They said, “No, but that is the pitcher’s job”.

I needed to get them away from this results only mindset and focus on a few basic things they could control. My golf coach’s training taught me to swing correctly by breaking the swing down into parts, so I did that for the kids.


“Is That What You Meant?”: Why Communication Skills Stink

communication skillsI will preface this article with a confession. I was as guilty of poor communication skills as the next leader. I have improved immensely over time with a lot of focus and gentle “reminders” from my teams, so if you are to be successful, you need to understand how poor communication is wasting time and money.

I am not sure why proper communication skills or public speaking is not taught in schools at an early age. I think this is the single most important skill every person needs. Maybe some schools try to address this but I hear poor communication from leaders, managers and many others every day in many different circumstances. Too many times I have heard myself, my team or those I consult for talk to their team in generalities.

It makes me wonder how much time will be wasted revisiting what the speaker had originally intended.

Examples of Poor Communication Skills:


Three Interview Tips I Wish Schools Taught

interview tips


It is very humbling for me, when I realize that others appreciate my writing. I recently had the father of a teammate from my son’s baseball team mention that he likes my blogs and recently read the article, on interview tips.  “Did My Potential Employer See That?” regarding why your online “Google” search trumps your written resume.

As we were speaking he asked me if I would be interested in speaking at an upcoming event he was running. He volunteers for an organization that helps individuals who are transitioning between jobs. I was more than happy to accept and have been thinking about what to speak about.

I think what would be effective would be to discuss what I look for in a candidate and also review a few interview tips that can remedy some mistakes I have been running across lately. I sometimes wonder why business schools do not teach a class on this topic.

Interview Tips: #1

Research the Company You Are Interviewing With


“Are You Selling Me Away from You?”

sellingI had a very interesting conversation with a prospective customer today. I was taken aback by a few things he said, one of which was “It sounds like you are trying to convince me not to take your services. You are selling me away from you.”

I laughed because I wasn’t trying to do that, but I wanted to put the ball in his court so he made the decision he was happy with, not one that I convinced him to make.


Leadership in the Dealership: Podcast

Leadership I wanted to thank the folks at Motocar Marketing for having me as a guest on their podcast discussing Leadership needs in the Automotive Dealership today. Here is part of the podcast. You can listen to it in it’s entirety by clicking here.


So now let’s get into the main segment today. I’m talking with Glenn Pasch from PCG Digital Marketing. Here is the interview.

Ashley: Welcome, Glenn, to the Motorcar Marketing podcast. I really appreciate you coming on the show.

Glenn: Thanks so much for having me. I’m looking forward to it.

Ashley: So to start out, I wonder if you can give us an overview of your career and how you got into the automotive industry?

Glenn: Interesting. A long time ago I was an actor for a while. I worked in hospitality and then moved into working with a company that did customer service phone calls, customer call centers and then my brother, Brian, started PCG Digital Marketing. He started providing  SEO services and one of the verticals happened to be automotive. So I came to join him. He asked me to join the company because he’s really good at selling and marketing and I’m better at operations and training the people. So it was a good match. Automotive became just a vertical where there was a need and we seemed to fill it.  We found our niche and so probably about 85 percent of our client base is automotive dealers throughout the US, Canada, and now we’re branching out into Mexico and Europe.


Management Skills: Leader or Authority Figure

management skillsWe so often hear the term leader being thrown around so casually as if anyone can be considered a leader. Many employees assume that those in charge of a project or a department or even the whole company are a leader just because they have authority.

It made me think of past managers I worked with or worked on grooming to become managers. Many fell short of attaining true leadership skills because they were more interested in the authority the role took on and the power they could wield.
Think of your children. At times you hear them say to their sibling, “Now I am the boss of you. You have to listen to me because I am in charge.” Funny when we hear kids say that it seems odd but in many companies that is the prevalent way management runs the business. Authority figures make their team follow their orders where teams will choose to follow a leader.


Interview Mistakes: Do You Really Want that Job?

Interview mistakesRecently I have been holding interviews for candidates to add to my team and have been shocked at the amount of basic Interview Mistakes I am seeing. These simple mistakes can impact a candidate’s ability to impress. A few months ago I wrote an article on Interview Skills that was well received but still the amount of interview mistakes made me want to update my findings. I hope these tips will help.

Interview Mistakes


How to Improve Your Accountability Factor

accountabilityI received an email from the owner of a business whose team was in a two day training session with us. He was receiving great feedback from his team but he wanted to review with us the “accountability” section in our training.

“ So many courses and workshops give you ideas but no one is helping hold us accountable to do the work” he said to me as we reviewed our process.

This comment resonated with me because I have seen this concern and problem over and over again. When I am brought into a company to help them improve results, my first inspection point always refers to the question of process and accountability.