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Leadership Styles Learned from the New Lego Movie

Leadership Styles

I took my family to see this wonderful movie and I was not only astonished at its creativity but I walked away with a few leadership lessons I could bring to my team the following Monday. If you have ever built Legos, you may fall into one of two camps of people… The camp of those who follow the instructions to the letter and then put the model on the shelf to admire it, or the camp of those who will build it, break … [Read more...]

Interview Skills Poor? Why I Am Not Hiring You.


As CEO of my company, I am always on the lookout for new talent that can help my business grow. I keep job openings posted for certain positions so that I can always be prepared with good talent as we expand. Over the last month or so I have been reviewing applicants and have seen a pattern from candidates that needs to be addressed: poor interview skills. I have discussed how hiring for culture is just as or more … [Read more...]

How to Use Performance Reviews to Anchor in Your Culture

Organizational Culture

Each year I sit in on performance reviews for my team. I choose to sit in on every review from the top leadership team all the way down to the newest employee. Some of my friends who run their own companies ask me, “Why would you do that? Shouldn’t you be doing something more important?” or,  “Shouldn’t this be delegated to the managers of these teams?” Yes, I could delegate this task. I have the upmost … [Read more...]

Why Business Leaders Should Act Like Consultants


There are many out there who would be categorized as a consultant. They are brought in to look at certain situations in a business, to present their findings and offer solutions. They may even be part of the implementation and follow up. The biggest asset that a consultant has is that they are not tied into the day-to-day emotions of the company or the day-to-day drama. They do not know individuals’ quirks or reasons … [Read more...]

Your Impatience is Killing Your Customers

I saw an interesting graphic on Facebook the other day saying,   “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body is changing 8 weeks for your family to notice 12 weeks for the world to notice Keep focused” What struck me was that I have seen this quote before and I have used a version of this as I educated businesses on how to change behavior in their companies. Many people have told me they have heard this … [Read more...]

Why Customer Experience is the New Currency for Business

Customer Experience

Over the last few weeks I have gotten great feedback from companies and leaders about my articles and videos on delivering excellence to your customers. While it is always great to get feedback, I felt a little sad and frustrated after some of these conversations because some of these leaders agreed with me but had no power to change anything in their business This led me to wonder why some leaders still cannot see the … [Read more...]

Customer Service Is Not “If Only I Did…”

Customer Service Skills

As I look back over the last few months I have been astonished at the breadth of service companies are delivering both at a high level and at a low level. The gap is widening, but customers’ patience for poor service is waning. Companies that do not focus on service execution as a top priority will end up wondering why their market shares fell or doors closed. Without naming names, I will focus on things I interacted … [Read more...]

Businesses: Forget the Past at Your Own Peril

online marketing

It seems like an odd concept, but as we move towards better efficiency with technology and the web, some seem to forget how to run their businesses. It seems as though they are looking for a quick solution to this new age of technology or- even more defeating- that they feel they have to stop how they did business in the past. The shame of it is, what businesses did in terms of sales or customer service in the past is … [Read more...]

Indifference is the Silent Killer

Business Strategy

When one thinks of great customer service, companies like Zappos, Nordstrom’s and Disney come to mind. What they all have in common is a full focus on serving the customer at an extremely high level. Their employees are trained to be aware when a customer may have a question or concern so they can fix the situation. Now on the flip side, we have all experienced employees who have not been trained this way and are … [Read more...]

Leadership Training from a Navy Seal

Leif Babin

I had the pleasure of attending Driving Sales Executive Summit 2013 and listening to Leif Babin, Former Navy Seal talk about leadership and how to build a successful team. Now many of you who know me, I am a leadership fanatic and am always looking for ways you improve myself and my team When Mr. Babin took the stage, the room quieted because of his presence and out of respect for what he has accomplished. You do not … [Read more...]