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The Myth of Time Management

time management

I went to Amazon and typed in “Time Management” under books and this came up. 135,890 results for Books : "time management"   Really? Over 135K books on this subject yet many folks still complain that they have too little time to get things done. I was one of those who would always be interested to read the next book on this subject and even wrote articles on how to be more productive. I have come to realize that I … [Read more...]

Fixed Operations Departments Need Some Digital Love

automotive service

Working with dealerships across the US and internationally, I have noticed a scenario is common across almost every single one of them with very few exceptions.  Service and parts, or Fixed Operations departments are the top revenue driver for most dealerships but it is given the least marketing resources to grow. I think most of the struggle is that dealers do not know how to expand their marketing efforts outside of … [Read more...]

Spend More Money or Refine My Employee Processes?

employees processes

“There are two ways to sell more. Increase your marketing budgets by twofold or refining the employee processes in place, thus becoming more efficient with money you currently spend. Which would you feel comfortable doing?” I posed this question to a group of dealership executives during a training session I delivered. Of course the unanimous answer was to refine employee processes to be more efficient but then the … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Expert or “Expert?”

Digital Marketing Expert

I have been traveling over the last week, speaking at certain Digital Marketing events, reading some of the industry blogs as well and doing a lot of assessments for potential clients. Just like the very brilliant commercial for Holiday Inn, where someone steps in to save the day with expertise gained by sleeping at the Holiday Inn, I am stunned at is the amount of misinformation that is being proposed to customers in … [Read more...]

How to Use Performance Reviews to Anchor in Your Culture

Organizational Culture

Each year I sit in on performance reviews for my team. I choose to sit in on every review from the top leadership team all the way down to the newest employee. Some of my friends who run their own companies ask me, “Why would you do that? Shouldn’t you be doing something more important?” or,  “Shouldn’t this be delegated to the managers of these teams?” Yes, I could delegate this task. I have the upmost faith in my … [Read more...]

Why Business Leaders Should Act Like Consultants


There are many out there who would be categorized as a consultant. They are brought in to look at certain situations in a business, to present their findings and offer solutions. They may even be part of the implementation and follow up. The biggest asset that a consultant has is that they are not tied into the day-to-day emotions of the company or the day-to-day drama. They do not know individuals’ quirks or reasons … [Read more...]

My Advice to a “Scrooge” Owner When It Came to Accountability

Employee Accountability

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would like to first wish all of my readers a safe and happy holiday season. Thank you for your comments and feedback in regards to not only providing you with articles on topics of interest, but helping me to improve each and every time I write. I would like to share this "gift" because it came up in a discussion with an industry friend who called to pick my brain on how to help … [Read more...]

Are You Buying It to Look Cool?


I was a working actor in New York City for many years. While I was networking or on the audition circuit, I was always puzzled by a certain phenomenon that I encountered. I would run across other people who said they were in the same business at events or at parties and they always let others know they were an “Actor.” Why is this odd? New York is filled with actors. Let me explain. … [Read more...]

Do Your Customers Know What you Do?

customer satisfaction

As we head towards the end of Q1 in 2013, I asked my team to reach out to customers to ask the question, “What do we do differently than others in our field that keeps you a customer?” The answers were very pleasing. “You answer the phone.” “You are always available.” “You help me understand what you do.” “You never seemed satisfied with current results.” As a service organization that is music to my ears. … [Read more...]

Two Weeks into the New Year: Have You Changed Goals Yet?

My Goals

Here it is, a few weeks after New Years and some of you are very excited because you have been following your 2013 resolutions. You have a sense of accomplishment and look forward to continuing down this new road. Others have given up already and probably a 1/3 of you never set any new goals because you may think it is silly. To those people who feel setting a goal is silly needs to understand that without an objective … [Read more...]