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Q & A: How to Unify Your Marketing Message

marketing message

As I finished up my presentation at the UAAMG conference on Unified Marketing, a few of the dealers in the audience asked to sit down with them to discuss this one on one. Defining your “Why Buy From Me” marketing message as unique. We broke off to the side of the room and I asked them each to tell me what could they say in their marketing that made their dealership unique. A few things that came up were: … [Read more...]

Is a Trusted Advisor Missing From Your Leadership Table?

Trusted Advisor

I was asked to speak recently to a group of automotive dealership management professionals and I asked the folks who set up the event, what they wanted the focus of the presentation to be.  They said to speak about what I thought was important for 2015 for dealers. I touched on three topics. … [Read more...]

Is Customer Service Today Any Different than 1915?

customer service

Are customers more demanding then they have ever been? Possibly. Are they more knowledgeable? Possibly. Are businesses focusing on the right thing? Possibly not. I am not sure that at the end of the day if your customers are looking for anything different than they have been for years. They are looking for only a few things and you as a business owner need to deliver them or lose business. Focus on These For … [Read more...]

Customer Service Agents: The Tale of Two Packages

customer service

Pressure shows the true character and abilities of teams. As much as this may apply to sports teams, it applies to customer service teams as well. The holiday season for many companies is the “pressure” season for their success. Crowds are packing in stores to get that great deal or online shipping gifts around the country. I have a tale of two holiday packages and how management cuts put pressure on their teams and … [Read more...]

Personal Accountability: Are You a “Tomorrow” Person?


Are you wondering why you cannot seem to get things done? Are you constantly setting goals but waiting to begin? Are you putting off till tomorrow any big decisions? You're accountability may be living in the land of tomorrow when you need to be in the here and now. … [Read more...]

Fixed Operations Departments Need Some Digital Love

automotive service

Working with dealerships across the US and internationally, I have noticed a scenario is common across almost every single one of them with very few exceptions.  Service and parts, or Fixed Operations departments are the top revenue driver for most dealerships but it is given the least marketing resources to grow. I think most of the struggle is that dealers do not know how to expand their marketing efforts outside of … [Read more...]

2015 Road for Digital Marketing Success.

Digital Marketing

Each year around this time I discuss a few things that I have seen in the automotive digital marketing arena over the past year and what I feel dealers needs to focus on in the coming year. We have seen a movement where transparent reporting of vendor data has been a topic of much discussion. Privacy of Dealer data also was one of the main topics at a few conferences as well. A shorter sales process has been discussed … [Read more...]

Tis the Season for Changing Vendors: But Should you?


Every year, as the calendar flips to holiday season, there is another ritual that happens in every personal and business life. Resolutions. Changes. New goals. Changing Vendors. Now I am always a proponent of review and change when needed, but too often I am asked about change, especially a change in a vendor, but what I find is the change is happening for change sake, or even worse, done by “gut” feel instead of data … [Read more...]

Why Are You Outsourcing Your Reputation

Reputation management is the new outsourced service for businesses. There is a new cottage industry of vendors that have risen up to say that they will handle your reputation. Maybe they have called you to say that you do not have to worry, they will watch what others say, they will reach out to your customers, they will answer for you and you don’t have to worry about any of this anymore. Does something seem odd about … [Read more...]

Leadership in the Dealership: Podcast


I wanted to thank the folks at Motocar Marketing for having me as a guest on their podcast discussing Leadership needs in the Automotive Dealership today. Here is part of the podcast. You can listen to it in it's entirety by clicking here.   So now let’s get into the main segment today. I’m talking with Glenn Pasch from PCG Digital Marketing. Here is the interview. Ashley: Welcome, Glenn, to the Motorcar … [Read more...]