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Are Your Vendor Partnerships Impacting Your Success?

How To Improve Your Vendor Partnership

There seems to be a growing disconnect between customers and their vendors. It seems these vendor partnerships have a flaw. Whose responsibility is it to educate the customer on the results of services delivered? The reason I am raising this question is that I have been reading a lot of things online and in forums from customers who are complaining about the lack of transparency with their vendor’s results. Customers are … [Read more...]

Successful Employees Start With You

successful employees

I was teaching a workshop the other day at an Automotive Digital Marketing Event on building a successful team. As the audience filed out, a GM of a dealership pulled me aside and asked if he could ask me some questions. We found a few seats in the hallway of the hotel and proceeded to chat. He asked me if I could explain what the difference was between successful employees and an unsuccessful ones.  I looked at him … [Read more...]

Interview Mistakes: Do You Really Want that Job?

Interview mistakes

Recently I have been holding interviews for candidates to add to my team and have been shocked at the amount of basic Interview Mistakes I am seeing. These simple mistakes can impact a candidate's ability to impress. A few months ago I wrote an article on Interview Skills that was well received but still the amount of interview mistakes made me want to update my findings. I hope these tips will help. Interview Mistakes … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Accountability Factor


I received an email from the owner of a business whose team was in a two day training session with us. He was receiving great feedback from his team but he wanted to review with us the “accountability” section in our training. “ So many courses and workshops give you ideas but no one is helping hold us accountable to do the work” he said to me as we reviewed our process. This comment resonated with me because I have … [Read more...]

Do You Approach Your Work With Gratitude?


This article is a little different than others I write because it is not about marketing, or training but about how we move through the world each day and our responsibility to others and ourselves. I was listening to a documentary on Carlos Santana, one of my favorite musicians, and he spoke about how grateful he is each day to be able to share with others. I thought how wonderful. How he focuses on having gratitude … [Read more...]

Great Customer Service Training Focuses on Relationships

customer service

Take a moment to remember a time when you were blown away by someone’s service. Maybe a restaurant, a hotel or a company you did business with. What did they do that was so impressive? My guess is that it boils down to how their customer service training was executed. My guess is they were thinking ahead about the journey the customer will take dealing with them. They thought of how to make the check in or check out … [Read more...]

Reputation Management: Still needed?

With Yelp now adding a video feature, With Foursquare splitting it’s app into two different functions, (Foursquare to look for places and Swarm to check in) creating a great experience for customers is even more important for your Reputation Management process. As new customers do their online diligence, ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) will now be filled with more options to see how a business treats its customers.  How … [Read more...]

Unified Marketing Messages: Fighting Like Siblings?

Unified Marketing Messages

I have two young boys and as I watch their interaction, for the most part they get along and play well. But in a they can rocket towards extremes of “You are my best friend, I love you, let’s play together” to “It’s your fault, get out of my room, go play by yourself.” Any one who is reading this who has siblings is probably smiling. My point is that there are many businesses, especially car dealerships, which love to … [Read more...]

Customer Service: Is The Effort There Every Time?

Customer Service

I am Yankees fan and have been my whole life. Not just for the “Jeter” years but through the 70’s and the woeful 80’s as well. I have been able to see many great players but one I wish I saw was the great Joe DiMaggio. The reason was how he supposedly approached each game. The story goes someone asked him, “Why do you play so hard every single day?” and he replied that, “Because in the stands there may be someone who … [Read more...]

Why Are Digital Marketing Managers Failing So Often?

Digital Marketing Managers

I find it interesting that many businesses still are not aware of the impact digital marketing has on their bottom line. Many feel they have a website and that is enough. I see companies checking off the box, saying “I am doing social media”, or “I am doing SEO” without really understanding what is at state when they do not do this type of marketing correctly. Company leaders must understand that to be successful in … [Read more...]