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Why Are You Outsourcing Your Reputation

Reputation management is the new outsourced service for businesses. There is a new cottage industry of vendors that have risen up to say that they will handle your reputation. Maybe they have called you to say that you do not have to worry, they will watch what others say, they will reach out to your customers, they will answer for you and you don’t have to worry about any of this anymore. Does something seem odd about … [Read more...]

Leadership in the Dealership: Podcast


I wanted to thank the folks at Motocar Marketing for having me as a guest on their podcast discussing Leadership needs in the Automotive Dealership today. Here is part of the podcast. You can listen to it in it's entirety by clicking here.   So now let’s get into the main segment today. I’m talking with Glenn Pasch from PCG Digital Marketing. Here is the interview. Ashley: Welcome, Glenn, to the Motorcar … [Read more...]

Why No Customer Service Skills Training for the Most Important Employee?

In working with automotive dealerships as I do, I am frequently asked where some of the biggest opportunities are. “How can I see the biggest impact right now?” “What do I have to spend or change to increase my sales?” And other questions like that.  It is funny that many leaders look beyond what is right in front of them in terms of customer service skills when searching for success. Remember that all of the marketing … [Read more...]

Closing Ratio 101: Stop Being a Lead Junkie

Closing Ratio

Are you a lead junkie? Are you addicted to testing every lead source that someone throws in front of you? Are you always asking others for that secret lead source that will solve all of your closing ratio problems? Is it time for an intervention?  Is it time to stand up and say, “I am a lead junkie and I need help”? I have been asked these questions many times by automotive dealerships: “Which is the best lead source?” … [Read more...]

The Routine of Success

success routine

I purposely took a week off from writing. Part because of a brutal cold, but also part because this topic took a bit longer to digest: creating or changing an effective routine that aligns with your success. Routine. This is not a word many of us like to think about, but every single successful person or business follows a routine each and every day. Without knowing it, we live within structured schedules set by … [Read more...]

“5 Steps to Being a Great Leader” ? It’s Not That Simple


Being a true leader  is not easy. It is not a simple math equation where when you add two parts you come up with the same number every time. Leadership is messy at times. It is making the hard decisions. It is seeing two steps ahead of everyone else’s view. And when the team is arguing over what is in front of them, it is up to the leader to calm them and get them where they need to be Leadership takes the blame for … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Education? Isn’t That Why I Hired You?

Digital marketing education

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a client. I was speaking to him about the importance of digital marketing education and why he should send some employees to our Digital Marketing Education classes we were holding. His response was, “I have no time to learn about this. That’s why I hired you”. Now at first it seemed odd and I thought he might have a point. It is not as if I quiz my lawn care guy … [Read more...]

Marketing Budget and ROI: What is the Right Mix

marketing budget

Watching a master bartender mix cocktails is a thing of beauty. Knowing the perfect blend of ingredients needed to deliver a flawless product is a skill that is envied by others. So too does the marketing manager strive for the perfect mix of budget allocations so that they can deliver the best ROI of dollars spent. What is the right percent of my marketing budget to spend on traditional marketing? … [Read more...]

Management Dilemma: Doing $10/hr Jobs vs. Doing $100/hr Jobs?

Leadership Skills

One of my early mentors always asked me, “Do you know the value of your time?” This question is a huge management dilemma for many managers and leaders today. For some time that question perplexed me, because as an entry-level employee I understood it only in a literal sense. As the years have passed and my role has changed to where I am running a company, this question has become more insightful for me. The answer at … [Read more...]

Success Strategy and Employee Performance

employee performance

How does your dealership determine their strategy for success?  I have heard and seen first hand many cases where a new initiative or goal is relayed from upper management without any strategy or specific processes to follow. Just a demand for improved employee performance. Sound familiar? This failed process of communication leaves it up to each employee to guess what changes need to happen. This leads to time and … [Read more...]