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Actionable Data: How to Pinpoint and Execute

Actionable Data

As CEO of PCG Digital Marketing I have the opportunity to engage with many different leaders as I cross the country speaking and training. Two of the biggest questions I am asked are: “ How do I know what data I should be looking at?” “ Once I have the data, what am I supposed to do with it?” There are many differing opinions on this but I will explain how I handle these questions. … [Read more...]

Marketing Silos Part 2: The Three-Headed Solution

The response to my recent article, Marketing Silos are Killing your Business was overwhelming. Automotive dealers and business owners reached out to let me know of their struggles to get everyone to the same marketing table. They also loved the terminology on a Unified Marketing plan, versus talking about “Traditional” and “Online” marketing. One of the comments struck me: “It seems like all the agencies do … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Expert or “Expert?”

Digital Marketing Expert

I have been traveling over the last week, speaking at certain Digital Marketing events, reading some of the industry blogs as well and doing a lot of assessments for potential clients. Just like the very brilliant commercial for Holiday Inn, where someone steps in to save the day with expertise gained by sleeping at the Holiday Inn, I am stunned at is the amount of misinformation that is being proposed to customers in … [Read more...]

Marketing Silos are Killing your Business

Silo Marketing

I have been working on changing the Marketing Silo mentality in automotive digital marketing circles to get people to focus on their marketing efforts as a whole. Too often I hear dealers AND agencies talking about the marketing efforts in terms of traditional marketing and digital marketing. What that has done is create different messages and confusion because one team (or silo) does not know what the other is doing. … [Read more...]

Do You Use Data Management or Your Gut for Business?

Big Data

I have been blessed to travel and work with automotive dealers around the globe and although there are major differences in culture and some processes, I am still amazed how many leaders run their business from their “gut”instead on data management. In a world filled with data, many either ignores this data or are overwhelmed by the data and so make important decisions by instinct Now is this wrong? Should we trust … [Read more...]

Common Paid Search Mistakes that Are Wasting Your Money

Common Paid Search Mistakes

In our continuing “Back to Basics” series, I wanted to review some common paid search mistakes I am seeing when I evaluate automotive dealership campaigns and reports. Right now the four dealerships I reviewed are spending thousands of dollars a month to advertise but in many cases the results are not as effective because of these basic mistakes. Here is the short list of four common paid search mistakes. Generic … [Read more...]

Building High Performance Teams

I received a call the other day from an employee who worked for me many years ago. He called because he was now put in charge of a new team and wanted to ask me for my training process that I used when he worked for me. I said I would be glad to share it with him and I thought it would be useful for others as well. Here is what I taught this manager about building high performance teams and how to hold them accountable. … [Read more...]

Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

Common Website Mistakes

Over the last week I have been asked to assess a few small to mid-size business websites and give them feedback on how to improve. One was for a small business handling insurance, one was an automotive dealer and, lastly, one was for a consulting firm. I have seen mistakes from all of these sites and came up with this short list of the most common website mistakes I found. Common Website Mistakes Basic “Canned” … [Read more...]

Leadership Styles Learned from the New Lego Movie

Leadership Styles

I took my family to see this wonderful movie and I was not only astonished at its creativity but I walked away with a few leadership lessons I could bring to my team the following Monday. If you have ever built Legos, you may fall into one of two camps of people… The camp of those who follow the instructions to the letter and then put the model on the shelf to admire it, or the camp of those who will build it, break … [Read more...]

Interview Skills Poor? Why I Am Not Hiring You.


As CEO of my company, I am always on the lookout for new talent that can help my business grow. I keep job openings posted for certain positions so that I can always be prepared with good talent as we expand. Over the last month or so I have been reviewing applicants and have seen a pattern from candidates that needs to be addressed: poor interview skills. I have discussed how hiring for culture is just as or more … [Read more...]