Have you ever joined a project or group and you got the feeling it was going to be special? Today I sat through orientation for a new Automotive SEO study program given by PCG Digital Marketing and Driving Sales. he study will give 100 automotive dealers free access to learn SEO strategies to leverage their brand on the internet.

The amazing thing is that PCG Digital is going to demonstrate and teach these dealers to do SEO for FREE. When was the last time you heard of a business offering to teach others what they do, even competitors, for free? It can be called historical, or crazy, but I think it demonstrates an openness to educate others in a new and exciting way.

The results will be compiled and presented at the 2011 NADA convention in February next year.

Now full disclosure, PCG was a client of mine and have since offered me a full time position as their COO which I have accepted. This just reinforces that this company is a leader in their industry and I am excited to be working there.

There were 80+ people at today’s session and in the beginning you heard in their email comments that some were unsure of how this would pan out and if they would  be able to measure results once they have completed the study. By the end of the webinar, all participants were set to go “do their homework” and prepare for the start of the project September 1.

What was also great to see was that there were all levels of knowledge on the call. From the beginners who asked “what does page rank mean” to the more experienced who were off buying new domains as ideas came into their heads.

Good news for dealers out there is that there are few more spots are open  to join in. To join, go to www.Automotiveseostudy.com and register. The study will run for 16 weeks and each week, participants will be given “homework” to do on their websites all the while, learning how to apply SEO strategies themselves. There is a private ning community built for participants to share their experiences and also have a forum where questions will be answered and if extra help is needed, it will be given.

Well I am off do begin my homework. I am taking one of PCG’s clients who is not participating in the study and I will be doing the work on their site as we go along. I will keep you posted on my progress and if this is effective, then PCG may do this again for other industries.

Let me know your thoughts.

Glenn Pasch is the new COO for PCG Digital Marketing as well as an executive coach with his performance consulting firm Improved Performance Solutions.