Sitting here after Driving Sales Executive Summit, reviewing my notes and thoughts about this event. First, all who did not take the time to come, you missed out. Not just on a great location, not just on the networking but on the incredibly high level of education.

What Jared Hamilton and his team accomplished was to set the bar very high for other conferences to come in the automotive space. He not only got great educators and speakers from the industry, he reached out and got speakers who talk about marketing overall. This allowed myself and others to work our brains on how their input could be applied to our industry.

My highlights were:

Jared’s speech opening up the conference. I have been lucky to see Jared speak a few times and I thought this was one of his best presentations yet. Clear, energetic (yes, even for a NJ guy you speak fast) and challenging.

The CEO Panel. What a great idea. Having the ability to hear CEOs discuss ideas, differ on approach but mostly got a chance to see how their energy and focus makes them the leaders they are.

I am sorry I saw so little but Dennis Galbraith’s workshop but over 100 people were blessed by his energy, passion and knowledge.

I can see some of the eyes rolling because I would say my brother Brian’s workshop was a highlight but it was the topic of Automotive Zero Moment of Truth explained clearly with examples of how marketing on the web is changing and how dealers need to change their focus and marketing allocations to succeed. It was confirmed by the folks from Google and other speakers like Aaron Strout and Gary V

I have seen him on video, read some of his writing but never had the pleasure of hearing Gary Vaynerchuck. One word. WOW. He had 500+ people in the palm of his hand, using no slides and in the end received a standing ovation. His message needs to resonate with dealers. We are going back to a time where people are depending on other’s opinions to help make buying decisions. If you think social media cannot sell cars you are wrong. If you do not embrace creating and marketing to your community, you will fail.

I am reading his new book, The Thank You Economy and cannot recommend it enough.

It was great seeing so many people I have not seen for a bit, too many to name but a little like reunion week.

Thanks Jared and your team for continuing to push the level of what an event should be.

Love to hear everyone else’s feedback and thoughts on the event.

Glenn Pasch is the COO of PCG Digital Marketing and the hosts of the first Automotive Zero Moment of Truth Study, free beginning this October