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About Glenn Pasch

I am currently the CEO and Partner of PCG Digital Marketing and PCG Consulting which works with businesses and their employees to improve their success through Digital Marketing initiatives, strategy and process training. My goal is to educate through my Accessible Leadership Blog as well as Speaking both in the US and Internationally. I am blessed to have great support at PCG but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important.

Customer Service and a “Need For Speed”

Customer Service

Remember the Tom Cruise quote from Top Gun. “I have a need for speed”. Well businesses need to embrace that same concept when designing their customer service strategy. We all have seen “Customer Service” as a big buzzword used in marketing strategies by companies. We see claims about their focus of customer service being a priority, or how they treat every customer with great care but when you read customer service … [Read more...]

Why is Change so Hard For My Employees?

Employee Change

There are many reasons why change is hard for your employees. According to many personality profiles the % of risk takers or even those who will embrace change is around 25%- 30% at most. That leaves 7 out of 10 employees who would rather not change. So what happens when business processes must change in a company? As I have worked with many teams to help improve their performance, the reasons they have given me … [Read more...]

Management Skills: Leader or Authority Figure

management skills

We so often hear the term leader being thrown around so casually as if anyone can be considered a leader. Many employees assume that those in charge of a project or a department or even the whole company are a leader just because they have authority. It made me think of past managers I worked with or worked on grooming to become managers. Many fell short of attaining true leadership skills because they were more … [Read more...]

Automotive Digital Marketing Education: What is Needed.

Automotive Digital Marketing

Fact: 80-90% of shoppers going online before contacting a dealership. Fact: A dealership’s online presence is now their most important marketing initiative. Fact: Digital Marketing spending is now increasing as a portion of total marketing budgets. Fact: Dealer Principles and GMs dread conversations about Digital Marketing. SEO, SEM, Video Pre-roll, Adwords Analytics, Optimization, Rich Snippets and the names … [Read more...]

Spend More Money or Refine My Employee Processes?

employees processes

“There are two ways to sell more. Increase your marketing budgets by twofold or refining the employee processes in place, thus becoming more efficient with money you currently spend. Which would you feel comfortable doing?” I posed this question to a group of dealership executives during a training session I delivered. Of course the unanimous answer was to refine employee processes to be more efficient but then the … [Read more...]

Are Your Vendor Partnerships Impacting Your Success?

How To Improve Your Vendor Partnership

There seems to be a growing disconnect between customers and their vendors. It seems these vendor partnerships have a flaw. Whose responsibility is it to educate the customer on the results of services delivered? The reason I am raising this question is that I have been reading a lot of things online and in forums from customers who are complaining about the lack of transparency with their vendor’s results. Customers are … [Read more...]

Successful Employees Start With You

successful employees

I was teaching a workshop the other day at an Automotive Digital Marketing Event on building a successful team. As the audience filed out, a GM of a dealership pulled me aside and asked if he could ask me some questions. We found a few seats in the hallway of the hotel and proceeded to chat. He asked me if I could explain what the difference was between successful employees and an unsuccessful ones.  I looked at him … [Read more...]

Interview Mistakes: Do You Really Want that Job?

Interview mistakes

Recently I have been holding interviews for candidates to add to my team and have been shocked at the amount of basic Interview Mistakes I am seeing. These simple mistakes can impact a candidate's ability to impress. A few months ago I wrote an article on Interview Skills that was well received but still the amount of interview mistakes made me want to update my findings. I hope these tips will help. Interview Mistakes … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Accountability Factor


I received an email from the owner of a business whose team was in a two day training session with us. He was receiving great feedback from his team but he wanted to review with us the “accountability” section in our training. “ So many courses and workshops give you ideas but no one is helping hold us accountable to do the work” he said to me as we reviewed our process. This comment resonated with me because I have … [Read more...]

Do You Approach Your Work With Gratitude?


This article is a little different than others I write because it is not about marketing, or training but about how we move through the world each day and our responsibility to others and ourselves. I was listening to a documentary on Carlos Santana, one of my favorite musicians, and he spoke about how grateful he is each day to be able to share with others. I thought how wonderful. How he focuses on having gratitude … [Read more...]